Desiccant wheel dryers sized just right for medical molders, extruders

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: July 27th, 2014

New compact dryers from Conair (Cranberry Township, PA) that can be mounted on the feed throat of a molding machine or extruder provide the same performance as larger desiccant-wheel dryers, making them advantageous when small quantities of expensive engineering resins are processed. Suppliers serving the medical device industry and other sectors where engineering resins are commonly used will benefit.

Reportedly the smallest wheel-type dryers on the market, the MicroWheel devices are designed as an alternative to compressed-air dryers and small twin-tower units.

Piovan launches new product specific “Minisites”

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: July 18th, 2014

Piovan has introduced the first of a series of new product specific "MiniSites," which will address the company's new products and technologies for plastics industrial applications. One of the first MiniSites is the company's PureFlo Filterless Vacuum receiver line, which was introduced at the K Show last fall.

Extrusion company Gneuss girds for growth

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: July 9th, 2014

Extrusion equipment manufacturer Gneuss (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) recently broke ground on a building that will add 2400 sq m of production and administration space. The facility is being built on part of a 13,000-sq-m parcel of land that the company purchased earlier this year adjacent to its existing site. Gneuss is also adding a floor to the current administration building, which will result in 700 sq m of new space. The combined expansion will increase production capacity for extruders, filtration systems, and measurement sensors by 50%, according to the company.

Cryogenic solutions to plastic part deflashing and deburring

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: July 9th, 2014

Cryogenic solutions for deflashing and deburring plastic parts is becoming an increasingly popular method for removing flash, burrs, and gate vestiges in molded or machined components. Typical removal methods of these residual burrs or flash, including hand-cleaning each part individually with an X-Acto knife, are time consuming and costly.

Assembly station accommodates large, complex molds

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: July 8th, 2014

To accommodate plastic injection molds that are becoming larger and more complex, Hansen Metal Fabrication (Farmington, NY) reports that it has developed an innovative line of mold assembly stations for moldmakers and plastics processors.

Solid growth for plastics machinery shipments in Q1

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: May 27th, 2014

Despite the harsh winter weather and the resulting lackluster growth in the U.S. economy, business levels for manufacturers and suppliers of primary plastics machinery (injection molding, extrusion, blowmolding, and thermoforming equipment) recorded another quarter of solid growth in Q1 of 2014. According to statistics compiled and reported by the Committee on Equipment Statistics of the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), shipments of primary plastics equipment for reporting companies totaled an estimated $300.5 million in Q1.

Molding systems maker Ettlinger fetes 30 years, but best is yet to come

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: April 7th, 2014

As it celebrates the big three-0 this month, Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH (Königsbrunn, Germany) isn't about to rest on its laurels as a maker of injection molding machines and melt filters. In fact, its customers won't let it. Growing global demand for its services means that it must continue its aggressive international expansion even as it commemorates its achievements.

Auxiliary machinery manufacturer Piovan celebrates 50 years in business

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: April 4th, 2014

Piovan, an Italian manufacturer of a complete range of auxiliary equipment and services, including feeding, blending, drying, and recycling systems, is celebrating 50 years as a machinery supplier to the plastics industry.

New closure lining system combines throughput and flexibility

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: April 3rd, 2014

Italian maker of molds and assembly systems for thermoplastic products Gefit S.p.A. (Alessandria) has introduced a closure lining machine that can cut and assemble as many as 200 liners per minute. Closures in a range of dimensions can be processed flexibly and precisely.

The fully electric unit can process closures in diameters ranging from 18 to 130 mm, with changeovers taking no longer than 20 minutes. The programmable unit is equipped with separate brushless motors for cutting and tearing operations.

Sonics & Materials celebrates 45 years of ultrasonic welding

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: March 31st, 2014

Supplier of plastics welding systems Sonics & Materials Inc. (Newtown, CT) celebrated its 45th anniversary on March 20 with a gala luncheon in the company of local, state, and federal officials. The festivities included remarks from Governor Dannel Malloy, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra, and a representative from Senator Richard Blumenthal's office.

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