Lightweighted patient transport system gives emergency personnel a lift

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: April 16th, 2014

Thermoset composites are making the lives of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel a little less strainful. The new iN∫X (pronounced "in-ex") Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System from Ferno EMS integrates 16 parts supplied by The Composites Group (TCG; Highland Heights, OH) that achieved weight reductions compared with conventional components without adversely affecting strength. EMS workers routinely sustain sprains and strains, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lanxess' latest offshore investment: compounding unit in Brazil

By Stephen Moore
Published: April 15th, 2014

Lanxess (Cologne, Germany) has inaugurated its new compounding facility in Porto Feliz, Brazil. A EUR20 million ($27.6 million) investment has been made in the plant, which will initially have an annual capacity of 20,000 tonnes and employ up to 50 personnel.

Ensinger's extrusion trials with medical-grade Ultem a clear success

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: April 3rd, 2014

The discoloration and brittleness of materials following sterilization have long been bugaboos of medical device design engineers. A remedy exists. Ensinger North America (Washington, PA), which supplies plastic stock shapes to the medical sector, recently began a series of successful extrusion trials using Ultem HU1004, a medical-grade polyetherimide, from Sabic Innovative Plastics. The material was deemed to have significant advantages over competitive products in third-party tests conducted on behalf of Sabic.

Fighting fake resin; the cost of conforming

By Stephen Moore
Published: April 2nd, 2014

The recent discovery of use of counterfeit polyamide resin in a key component molded in China for Aston Martin sports cars may be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such practices but it's not the case that all processors in China can't be trusted. There are honest molders out there going to extraordinary lengths to ensure their operations are completely above-board.

S&E Specialty Polymers expands current tolling capabilities to 15 million lb per year

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: March 17th, 2014

S&E Specialty Polymers has expanded its current tolling capabilities to 15 million lb per year. The company says it is equipped to handle a customer's tolling needs in a variety of polymers including PVC, PVC alloys, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, TPOs, TPRs and flame retardant & UV based concentrates.

Did subsidies contribute to the demise of the Australian auto industry?

By Stephen Moore
Published: February 17th, 2014

Toyota Australia's decision to cease manufacturing in 2017 will likely mean the complete demise of the Australian automotive industry if radical new thinking is not undertaken by all industry stakeholders. So says a statement from the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers(Melbourne, Australia). And at least one party claims generous subsidies may have contributed to the industry's downfall by "dulling incentives to improve productivity, seek export opportunities, and diversify into other industries."

Teknor Apex acquires Viking Polymers, expands rigid PVC compounding business

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: February 3rd, 2014

Teknor Apex recently completed the acquisition of Viking Polymers, a custom compounder with a portfolio of specialty formulations with a focus on rigid PVC and related materials for building and construction. The amount of the deal was undisclosed.

Chem-Trend’s new purging compounds said to improve caps, closures production

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: January 28th, 2014

Chem-Trend says its new purging compounds is saving plastic bottle caps and closures manufacturers time and money. The new Lusin Clean 1060 was specifically developed to eliminate the scrap resulting from material and color changes by cleaning screws, cylinders, nozzles and hotrunner systems in injection and compression molding machines. Lusin Clean 1061 prevents black spot formation by cleaning injection and compression molding machines used for caps and closures production.

Composite developments at German CAR-Symposium

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: January 26th, 2014

Celanese Corporation (Sulzbach, Germany) will present innovative composite developments for light and tough automotive components during the international CAR-Symposium on Tuesday, Jan. 28, in Bochum, Germany.

As a partner company of the CAR-Symposium, Celanese is presenting "UD-reinforced thermoplastic Composites - The Key for tailor-made Products" at 1:15 PM during the Infoshop Block II "Material trends and lightweight construction" segment.

Oyster shells provide reinforcement in non-halogenated flame-retardant compound

By Stephen Moore
Published: January 22nd, 2014

Polypropylene (PP) thermoplastic composites based on renewable oyster shell fillers have been flame-retarded using "commercially viable" Exolit AP non-halogenated flame retardants supplied by Clariant (Muttenz, Switzerland). The compounds were developed by Eurostar Engineering Plastics (Fosses, France).

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