Acquired The Mold-Now I Need An Injection Molding Machine

By USAProducts
Published: February 28th, 2013

Everyone,I finally have a prototype in my hand of a product I
invented and now am looking to buy an injection molding machine.  I've also included a picture of my product in the attachment. Here are my product specs:

Material: 20% glass filled polypro
(.0387 Density)
  Part Weight-.353oz or 10grams
Part Volume .570 in cubed
Single Cavity
I went onto to
find equation for tonnage and shot size. 
This is the machine I’m looking at purchasing, any insight? Thanks,-Brian


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can suggest you may what to

can suggest you may what to hire in some experitise from us we a large injection moulder and probably take the mould a trial the material for you.

Has anyone ever heard of this

Has anyone ever heard of this machine.

I talked with Rick and he assured me the P20 machine can do double cavity molds. I read about him and his company on this website. Any insight.

The machine is somewhat small and anyone with some mechanical background can run it.

Brian, Where are you located?

Where are you located? I would seriously consider running your parts for you if you send your mold. We are a small hydraulic seal and various component manufacturer in Iowa and are always looking for new stuff to mold. We have three injection machines, all Toshiba. We have a 2006 180 ton, 2010 and 2011 110 ton. All three are all electric, non-hydraulic machines. Very high tech machines. We also have a 24"x36" micro-vu we inspect our parts with. We deal mostly with seals, so our parts have tolerances of .010" typically, sometimes tighter and visualy they have to be perfect or we can expect leaks. I think you would have much better results letting us run them.
With you wanting them to be made in the USA, I'm assuming that is partly for quality reasons and I do not see you getting the results you need with a 15 ton machine.

Most machines are 480v AC,

Most machines are 480v AC, though a few are 240v AC. Just remember that the lower the voltage, the higher the current. You still haven't cooled the mold or feed throat and hydraulic oil in the press
I'm not found of Boy machines, I refer to them as disposable like lighters or razors. You really don't know if this press will run, run well, or need a few thousand dollars in parts to even run. God forbid the controller go belly up on you: there may not even be support for it or even parts!
I doubt that you can afford any better. I'm not trying to bust your bubble, just being realistic. Try to find a local molder and then a good or great Tech or Engineer to help you out. If not, you'll end up blowing your money on hard lessons.
Resin can change lot to lot; so you'll need to be able to diagnose the defect, and make the proper changes.

If that link does not work

If that link does not work for the machine, here are the specs.
Used- Boy Machines 15 S Horizontal Injection Molder, 15 Tons, Model 15S. Maximum injection volume 0.8 oz, maximum opening stoke 7.87”, maximum distance between tie bars 10”, maximum platen daylight 15.7”. Built 1982.

Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your feedback.
@ rickbatey
1. I have never done injection molding before.
2. We are in the process of having the mold built.
3. The press is going into rented warehouse space.
4. The power is 220v phase 3 which we have access to in the warehouse.
5. Mold clamps and ejector rods, vacuum or hand load, we were looking at hiring a trainer from Paulson plastic company to train us on the machine.
6. The resin will be coming by skid, free shipping to the warehouse.(
Out warehouse space is owned by a family member who is helping us out.

The reason why we are trying to keep this in house is because we are in a strategic move to keep our manufacturing horizontal and in the U.S. The clips are the most expensive part of our product. All the other materials are being manufactured in house on a CNC machine.

The product was entered into a award and won a couple thousand dollars. We have a budget of about 9,000$ for the mold and the machine. Any insight on the machine to buy?

Have you done injection

Have you done injection molding before? Do you have a mold yet? Where will put the press? Process water? Power for the press? Mold clamps and ejector rods? Vacuum loader or hand load? How and from whom will you buy resin and boxes for your product from?
You should hire a guy with experience or shop it out to a local molding shop for now.

Before you mortgage yourself

Before you mortgage yourself to your neck, I'd suggest you take the mold to a custom molder for the startup/market introduction runs. When/if the product takes off then buy your machine.

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