Floating ads covering up posts

By jnewmanazo1
Published: January 31st, 2013

Any time I open a forum post to read or try to respond, the body of the post is always covered up on the right side by these infernal floating ads and I cannot see the entire contents. It is very annoying. Is anyone else having this issue or is it maybe just my computer or browser creating the issue?

Sure...Wish we could offer an

Sure...Wish we could offer an immediate solution, but it is being worked on, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

John Clark

I too am running Windows 7

I too am running Windows 7 and IE8. I will give it a try on my PC at home and see if I have same issues there. It is very annoying because I can only read half of the posts. Thanks.

We have been made aware of

We have been made aware of the problem and passed it on to our web development team and they're working on the issue.

I'm on a Mac running Firefox, have never had any issues.

One gentleman who raised the issue with us indicated he was running Windows 7 and IE8. It may well be browser-related.

Are you running Explorer or something else?

E-mail Tony - the publisher.

E-mail Tony - the publisher. They are redoing the website. IF it ain't friendly, It will not be used.

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