How difficult is it to start-up?

By Bri
Published: February 16th, 2013

I am a young entrepenuer that has been making custom patches for people like the military, paintball, etc. I noticed that 3D PVC patches made via PVC Injection Molding are really gaining popularity and I'd like to start offering them for sale. But I can find nothing on the internet about it! I can only find a few companies that even sell machinery, and they are all in China. I'm in the USA and worry about things like support and supplies if I ordered from China! Especially since I can't even get a sales person who speaks decent english to tell me the price!
I just want to know what the learning curve for someone with a great understanding of vector and raster files and design in general. Then the price to setup everything needed to get started making 3D PVC labels. Is there a company in the USA that can provide me with this information and the start-up costs for this? Or any where on the internet with introductory information on the business? I am so lost but really interested in getting into this business.
Thank you in advance for any information!

Hello, You can manufacture


You can manufacture the products in China, the cost is lower and the quality is good,maybe you send us the details of your products, we will do everything we can to help you.

The following is my contact details:

Misha Hou

Best Hope Mold & Plastic(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd


Skype: misha-bhm

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