Husky HR650 Rotary Platen

By redynstom
Published: April 1st, 2010


I have a Husky HR650 I am having problems with the rotary platen. After running a couple of hours I see the position doesn't hold instead of being at 180 or 360 degrees it will show 179.6 or 359.6 for example. If I re-calibrate it will run fine but eventually drift off. It is causing tool damage. The problem is not with the tool it happens with any tool I put in.

I have changed the servo motor, reloaded the UDL files, leveled and and checked parallelism.

if anyone has seen this type of problem any help would be appreciated.



I got the issue resolved.

I got the issue resolved. found out the scaling value was off by one number. had .00000060606 should have been .000000606064. Thanks All

Ron, That is good info. The

That is good info.
The press knows through a prox that it is in position it doesn't care if it's 180 or 360. It seems as though as long as it is in a certain window it will continue. It may be using the prox to say its ok to close. When the prox is made it fires a locking pin into the platen. I don't know if the locking pin releases during mold close,I believe its just during rotation.

One thought we had was to re-level and parallel the machine. I did that and it didn't help.

We are using locks as well.

I'm still stumped!

this platen is continuous. i

this platen is continuous. i have tried slowing down but it didn't help.

Hello Tom, I know rotary

Hello Tom,

I know rotary tables quite well. What you are experiencing is an accumalitive build up of encoder tolerance that typically cannot be avoided without reseting the encoder. What I have done with various systems is reset the encoder position thru the machine / rotary table software each time the mold is closed via a signal since we know that if the mold is closed we are either at 180 or 360.

If you truely need to know if you are 180 or 360, you will have to consider adding some unique signals into the rotary table or onto the mold to detect one position versus the other.

Also make sure that final alignment of the mold to base the encoder reset is achieved with locks and not solely on leader pins for leader pins are not as accurate as side locks or interlocks.

Good luck!

Ron C.

Does this table turn back and

Does this table turn back and forth or does it continue to rotate in the same direction? If it turns back and forth, I suggest you place mechanical stops on the machine. If it is a continous rotation, perhaps some adjustments to the turn and braking parameters could solve the problem. Can you lower the rotation velocity? Perhaps you could slow the table down and see of the resolution improves. The changes in position could be from thermal expansion of the mold and table (bearings, rails, turntable platten)?! Can you improve the alignment of the mold halves? Perhaps that could save the mold damage. My past experience with this type of press was the 180° version, that turned clock-wise, then counter clock-wise each cycle. Hope this helps, Rick.

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