Plastic thread specification

By markbannister
Published: February 27th, 2013

Glenn Beale had this article long time ago:
But the figures don't display on the web site.  The article is useless without them.  Anyone know how I can get a copy of:
"Figure 5. A reliable method of specifying a molded plastic thread."
I'm tired of banging my head against the wall talking to very good engineers who just don't think a different spec for plastic threads matter.  If I had a picture.....

It depends on what you are

It depends on what you are using the thread for ?. I have used a ACME thread form due to its simple square form or their are round thread form on pet bottles

Here is a link to the ASTM

Here is a link to the ASTM stds.

Naturally they ain't free. But you buy them once and you're done with it.

Hope this helps

Bill tobin

Hmmm. You're right. Been six

Hmmm. You're right. Been six years since that was posted, probably a case of broken links as the website has been updated.

I'll see if I can track them down, but they just may no longer be accessible.

If you forward your email address to me, I'll let you know if we can do anything.



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