Sidel replacement parts

By dinhnn
Published: February 22nd, 2011

I'm looking for suppliers for Sidel parts in USA. We have some Sidel SBO machine and need parts to replace. Do you know some good and reliable suppliers for us to buy replacement for our sidel.
Thanks a lot.


SIDEL, SIPA, HUSKY, SACMI spare parts.
Hi, we are manufacturing all kinds of the spare parts for pet injection machines and blowing machines, including SIDEL, SIPA, SACMI, HUSKY etc.

Pls log on to know more info.

Good morning, thinking for

Good morning,
thinking for information i need the guey how can find for us the spae parts husky.

Actually, we try to find the

Actually, we try to find the guy who is specialist in sidel spare part replacement. We knew Sidel and we could buy Sidel spare part. But now we want to save cost and we want to change to other Sidel interchangable parts.

We know some supplier selling Husky replacement parts and we're happy with them. Now we try to find sort of suppliers like that for our Sidel machine.

If some one know kinds of these suppliers, pls share your experiences.

Thanks a lot.


Contact XL Engineering. They

Contact XL Engineering. They are in Michigan, which I believe is still in the USA.

Don't think Bill was crabby, he just sounds that way, actually he is a very funny guy. If your question really bothered him, he would have just ignored it.

He was probably pulling your leg.

Keep on Molding (even if it is blow-molding)!


GOOGLE your question If you

GOOGLE your question

If you don't get the answer you want, GOOGLE 'injection molding machine re-builders'

John Brown Machinery comes to mind but I don't know if they are still in business. they had the prints for almost any machine. If they couldn't get spare parts, they'd make them. I'm sure there are a few other companies offer this service.

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