Silly Putty

By BrentBorgerson
Published: February 4th, 2013

How many of you Molders keep Silly Putty in your tool box?
Keep on Molding!

Great question Brent! Can you

Great question Brent!
Can you really call yourself a molder or moldmaker if you don't own some silly putty?
Back in the days when I was following tool builds, I would walk into tryout facilities with a briefcase in one hand and my service call box in the other - and silly putty in both! Then there would be the putty in the boxes back at the shop, my garage, and even in my toolbox at my buddy's race engine building shop.

Our first daughter was born

Our first daughter was born when I was 21, now she has a daughter that age. Now I have 13 grandkids in the blink of an eye, split among 4 children.
I still haven't grown uo though!



Brent-I was 25 when our

Brent-I was 25 when our daughter was born. She just turned 22, and Konner will be two in March. So you didn't fall into the Kubashi Mareau, it seems like the world is spinning faster.
Heck- the grandson can work an IPhone like nobodies business!! He can find his apps and search for the one he wants to play with!! He figured it out for himself.

Brent Yup went to China - 3


Yup went to China - 3 Times, two week$ each. Kinda fun: Taught a mess of engineers, three held promise (meaning they got it). We improved yields on an Apple product from 70% to 99.3% (20K assemblies/week selling for $15 USD each)

Then the fun began: These guys were talented, but their management said the government restricted wages and although they were top contributors they didn't qualify for a raise. On my last visit there two had left and were plant managers/chief engineers at other companies. The last one gave his notice to be a senior process engineer/engineering manager.

Goes to show you, no good deed goes unpunished. When I left, yields were slipping.

They'll probably fire the managers.

Rick, Last I heard you were


Last I heard you were having Kids, now Grand kids? I must have fallen into a time warp.

Hi Sam and Bill.
Bill, been to China lately? If you can't beat them join them? Say it ain't so Bill!

Keep on Molding


Yes on one "egg" there is

Yes on one "egg" there is graphite powder. Toys R Us queried me once as to why I buy the stuff. It can be hard to find.
Sam, a true Molder has Silly Putty!

Keep on Molding


Happy New Year Brent! I

Happy New Year Brent! I bought two eggs just a couple of months ago to replace my oil soaked heavily used worn out mess. Stops arguments before they start. Have had a lot of fun with QA until I just showed the impression. It's not in the steel, I'm sorry.

I must admit mine sprouted

I must admit mine sprouted legs or disappeared like a Ninja some time ago. Besides if I bought some now days, the Grandson would end up with it!!
Did you add graphite dust to yours as well?

I do. It confuses the

I do.

It confuses the customers and is covered by ObamaCare.

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