'Unprecedented traceability' in materials handling

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: January 16th, 2013

Wittmann Battenfeld's new M7.3 central material handling system control has four new options designed to support greater traceability: RFID User Management; Lot Management; WiMaTrace lot traceability; and OPC connectivity.

Compact weigh module with ultra-precision to boot

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: March 20th, 2011

In-process control and embedded weighing is now possible in any critical instrument or system operation with WMC weigh modules from Mettler Toledo (Columbus, OH). The instruments are claimed to be the smallest high-precision weighing sensors in the world, measuring just one inch in width.

Software simplifies inspection set-up, 1D barcode reading

By Stephen Moore
Published: February 14th, 2011

Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA) has launched VisionPro 7.0 machine vision software incorporating Inspection Designer, a new concept to simplify development and field maintenance of inspection applications.

Intrinsic viscosity monitored in real time

By MPW Staff
Published: January 26th, 2011

In PET sheet extrusion, the maintenance and preservation of the material's intrinsic viscosity (IV) is a key requirement of the process. If IV drops below a certain level, the end product mechanical properties can be compromised to unacceptable levels.

Independent initiation of unique inspections

By Stephen Moore
Published: September 28th, 2010

The latest vision system from PPT Vision (Bloomington, MN) allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently-at different times or simultaneously-utilizing a single vision processor. The Impact M-Series Embedded Vision System is said to realize cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, as well as greatly reducing setup and networking time.

Industrial ID scanner incorporates liquid lens, modular communications capability

By Stephen Moore
Published: August 30th, 2010

Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA) has debuted its next-generation DataMan handheld industrial ID scanner series designed for factory floor use. The rugged DataMan 8000 Series offers advanced 1D and 2D code reading via patented IDMax technology regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface.

Continuous monitoring for medical applications

By Stephen Moore
Published: July 26th, 2010

Plastics engineers working in the medical device, medical products, and similar regulated industries seeking continuous monitoring systems specifically geared for larger enterprises can deploy the viewLinc 3.5 package recently launched by Veriteq, a Vaisala company (Helsinki, Finland).

Intelligent web inspection enhances productivity

By Stephen Moore
Published: July 19th, 2010

Turn-key "Smash" modular inspection systems from ISRA Surface Vision GmbH (Herten, Germany) incorporate new intelligent tools to scan the surfaces of plastic web products quickly and effectively, providing the capability to detect various surface defects. Plastic film, foils, printed flexible packaging, labels, RFID cells, and even flexible solar cells and organic photovoltaics can be monitored using the systems

Cavity pressure control update

By Stephen Moore
Published: February 17th, 2009

Priamus System Technologies (Brunswick, OH) has updated the interface of the WebConfigurator integrated into its eDaq process monitoring system, which is the basic module for monitoring up to 128 cavities for pressure and temperature during injection molding, as well as machine signals, in real time.

Cooler controls

By Carl Kirkland
Published: December 11th, 2008


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