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Lumber Liquidators agrees to stop selling vinyl flooring made with reprocessed PVC

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: November 23rd, 2015

Lumber Liquidators is in the news again, this time because of its vinyl laminate flooring. On November 17, a release published by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, "a non-profit organization that challenges U.S. retailers to adopt policies to identify, restrict and phase out hazardous chemicals from the marketplace by safely substituting the Hazardous 100+ chemicals in common consumer products," said that Lumber Liquidators has committed to selling vinyl flooring made without reprocessed PVC.

Ikea: With size comes responsibility

By Karen Laird
Published: November 16th, 2015

At the European Bioplastics conference earlier this month, keynote speaker Per Stolz, who works as a sustainability developer for Global Retail Services at Ikea, talked about the road Ikea is travelling towards a more sustainable future. The company’s sustainability strategy for 2020, “People and Planet Positive,” describes the steps Ikea is taking to get there.

New video campaign shows how recycled plastics are reborn

By Kari Embree
Published: November 16th, 2015

UK-based plastics recycling campaign, Pledge 4 Plastics, has launched a short film that spreads awareness on the various ways in which plastics packaging can be recycled in order to increase collection efforts. Led by member-based plastics recycling organization Recoup (Peterborough, United Kingdom), the campaign points out how people in the UK toss out 15 million plastic bottles that could be recycled and used to create a range of useful items.

3D printing brings a breath of fresh air to wearable electronics

By Karen Laird
Published: November 4th, 2015

We’ve all seen the pictures of people in Asia wearing face masks as they commute to work, go shopping or simply taking the dog out. If the latest data are anything to go by, they are smart to do so: every year, outdoor air pollution contributes to the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million people in China alone.

Carnegie Mellon fur-bricates plastic hair with low-cost 3D printer

By Kari Embree
Published: November 2nd, 2015

While 3D printers are typically known to produce hard plastic objects, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a method for using inexpensive 3D printers to fabricate plastic hair—a technique they call “furbrication.”

Solegear’s bioplastic selected for smartphone case packaging

By Karen Laird
Published: November 2nd, 2015

Vancouver-based Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc. and r-pac International (New York, New York), a leading global supplier of retail packaging, have collaborated with a major US-based consumer electronics retailer to produce smartphone case packaging in support of the most recent phone release from a market share leader. The name of the retailer was not revealed.

Start-up uses pink plastic bubbles to tackle chewing gum litter

By Kari Embree
Published: October 30th, 2015

We’ve all experienced it. Walking down the sidewalk and stepping on a piece of gross, sticky chewing gum. Just the other day I noticed it on the tire of my car. While it may have several cognitive benefits, such as increased mental focus, chewing gum is the second most-common form of litter (cigarette butts are number one at 1.7 billion pounds a year). Not to mention, it costs millons of dollars a year to clean up.

The coolest things at Fakuma 2015

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: October 26th, 2015

Welcoming almost 46,000 visitors from 120 countries and covering 915,000 square feet of exhibition space, Fakuma trade show organizer P. E. Schall more than delivered on its promise of hosting a world-class international event.

October 14 and 15—days two and three of the plastics processing show—were demonstrably the busiest, with some of the most popular halls experiencing perpetual gridlock. That may have frustrated some reporters (ahem) hustling to get to a booth meeting on time, but it was certainly a good problem for exhibitors and Schall to have.

Adidas unveils the ultimate 3D-printed personalized shoe design

By Karen Laird
Published: October 25th, 2015

If the German sporting goods giant adidas (Herzogenaurach, Germany) has anything to say about it—which, of course, it does—3D printing will dominate the future of performance footwear. And with Futurecraft 3D, a unique 3D-printed running shoe midsole which can be tailored to the cushioning needs of an individual’s foot, adidas is making the future happen today. This is all with the help of an open source partnership with Materialise, the Belgian additive manufacturing experts.

Leave it to Merck to create an effect

By Karen Laird
Published: October 14th, 2015

Rotomolding news tends to be rather far and few between. So if there are developments to report, we take care to do so. Because there is more to rotomolding than large hollow items—think recycling bins and water storage tanks— alone. These days, the technology is increasingly being used as a cost-effective alternative for the production of, for example, decorative parts for toys or sports products—a development which is being helped along by the growing range of decorative applications now available to rotational molders.

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