Software will enable clinicians to easily 3D-print wrist splints for arthritis sufferers

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: July 10th, 2014

Software developed at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom reportedly could enable clinicians with no computer-aided design (CAD) experience to design and 3D-print custom wrist splints for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The splints, produced at the university's additive manufacturing facilities, are described as more comfortable and attractive than conventional bulky splints that cause users to sweat, and could be less expensive, according to Dr Abby Paterson of the university's Design School.

Noncontact video extensometer enables tensile testing of plastics to ISO 527 standard

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: July 8th, 2014

The Video Gauge noncontact extensometer from Imetrum (Bristol, UK) reportedly is the only device of its kind to achieve the exacting requirements of ISO 527-1: 2012 ASTM D638 equivalent. The system, which has undergone rigorous, independent testing, is capable of determining tensile modulus by measuring a change of gauge length to 1% accuracy of the relevant value. In tests, Imetrum was able to achieve between 0.2 and 0.3 µm for all gauge lengths using the same camera and lens combination. This exceeds by a factor of three the accuracy required by ISO 527 for a 50-mm gauge length.

RAPID 2014: A showcase for innovation and creativity

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: June 16th, 2014

Todd Grimm, president of T.A. Grimm & Associates, provided an introductory overview at RAPID 2014 of all the latest and greatest in 3D printing innovations, and encouraged attendees to visit those companies exhibiting at the show to see for themselves these exciting new products.

Strange bedfellows? Ford and Heinz team up on tomato-based bioplastic for vehicles

By Karen Laird
Published: June 11th, 2014

While at first sight, cars and tomatoes may not have much in common, the collaboration between Ford and H.J. Heinz is less outlandish that would appear. Every year, Heinz uses more than two million tons of tomatoes to produce its best-selling product: Heinz Ketchup. And every year, the company ends up with a lot of tomato waste. Hence, researchers were looking for innovative ways to recycle and repurpose the peels, stems and seeds left over from making ketchup.

Key steps for metal-to-plastic conversion

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: June 9th, 2014

The ability to replace a metal component with one molded out of plastic means that extremely complex shapes and geometries can be achieved easily. That also means greater design freedom and more optimum design for manufacturability.

Bayer MaterialScience gets the ball rolling in Brazil

By Karen Laird
Published: May 30th, 2014

With the FIFA World Cup kick-off in just two more weeks, fans around the world are getting ready to hunker down for a whole month of non-stop soccer games. Held once every four years, this international soccer tournament, in which 32 national teams compete, is hosted each time by a different country; this year, it's Brazil.

Self-taught moldmaker develops first-of-its-kind medical device

By Norbert Sparrow
Published: May 27th, 2014

Some people famously started a business in their garage—you've seen the commercial. For Jennifer Davagian Ensign, founder and CEO of Cristcot Inc. (Concord, MA), it all began in her kitchen, but her invention has nothing to do with cuisine. Au contraire. Using a Smooth-On silicone moldmaking kit, sundry parts from local hardware stores, and her oven, Ensign taught herself the fundamentals of molding and, this month, brought to market—trigger warning, this may cause some of you to wince—Sephure, a disposable suppository applicator.

Plastics big winners at the DuPont packaging awards

By Heather Caliendo
Published: May 16th, 2014

DuPont presented 16 awards at its 26th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The company calls the awards the industry's longest-running, global, independently judged competition highlighting innovative packaging and collaboration throughout the value chain. 

Plastics big winners at the DuPont packaging awards, part 12

By Heather Caliendo
Published: May 16th, 2014

Light and strong are two qualities that standout from Pepsico's 28-ounce Gatorade bottle. In addition, using new roll-fed film label technology to shrink the labels onto the bottles eliminates adhesives and simulates direct printing. This form-fitting label eliminates water being trapped between the label and the bottle.

Using modern 3D modeling to reverse engineer a 40-year-old aircraft part

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: May 16th, 2014

What do you do when out of the blue a company calls you needing a 40-year-old aircraft part? That's certainly a unique challenge, and one that processors face from time-to-time. Ray Products Co. Inc., an Ontario, CA-based vacuum and pressure forming company that has been in business since 1949, got the call and decided to respond.

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