Tecma Group of Companies acquires Made in Mexico

By Clare Goldsberry
Published: October 21st, 2015

The Tecma Group of Companies (El Paso, TX) announced that it has established a permanent and sizable presence in one of the US-Mexico border’s most dynamic and fastest growing manufacturing centers: Tijuana, Baja California. The emergence of this dominant US-Mexico border region provider of Mexican Manufacturing Support Services (shelter services) is the result of the acquisition of Made in Mexico Inc., by the Tecma Group of Companies.

Sekisui Plastics opens moldable hybrid foam plant in Ohio

By Stephen Moore
Published: September 3rd, 2015

Sekisui Plastics USA (Mount Pleasant, TN) has opened a new $5.2 million manufacturing facility in Kenton, OH.  The plant will initially produce foam products molded mainly from Piocelan hybrid (polystyrene-polyolefin) moldable foam resin for use in automotive parts, baby seat core parts, and other industrial markets such as protective packaging.  The new facility will increase the company's molding capacity by about 40% with room for future growth.

Arburg delivers first Freeformer to Asian customer

By Stephen Moore
Published: August 27th, 2015

The first Freeformer to be delivered to an Asian processor is currently operational at Singapore's Tempco Manufacturing. The company is already a major user of Arburg molding machinery, including thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding machines, micro-injection molding machines, and bulk molding compound (BMC) compression molding machines. Tempco is using its Freeformer to form sample parts.

Saudi-Korean metallocene elastomer JV formalized

By Stephen Moore
Published: July 5th, 2015

Sabic and SK Global Chemical, have successfully concluded negotiations for a 50-50 joint venture that will purchase the rights to Nexlene solution technology and a plant that manufactures a range of high-performance ethylene/alpha-olefin polyolefin plastic, elastomer and plastomer (POE/POP) copolymers in Ulsan, Korea, from SK Global. The purchase price for the technology and plant is approximately $640 million.

Global plastics distributors beef up Asian operations

By Stephen Moore
Published: June 11th, 2015

Chinese production costs have been skyrocketing of late, meaning global OEMs are taking a more flexible approach to projects in Asia, including transferring  production from China to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. In parallel with this trend, plastics distributors, are regionalizing their footprints in order to better serve their customers across Asia.

Assessment tool addresses sustainability of flame retardants in real-world environments

By Stephen Moore
Published: June 11th, 2015

When brominated flame retardants came under attack from environmental activists many years ago, the chemical industry's response was defence was based on pure scientific knowledge. "With a lot of misconceptions and emotions arising that were difficult to address [through this approach], we weren't very successful," concedes Avi Ben Zvi, Manager of New Product Development at leading flame retardant supplier ICL Industrial Products (Beer-Sheva, Israel). ICL hopes its latest initiative to address safety issues with such flame retardants will have more success.

Dupont polymers help tankless water heaters meet energy conservation standards

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: June 10th, 2015

Seisco International (Houston, TX) is introducing the next-generation Supercharger tankless water heater unit, which uses DuPont (Wilmington, DE) engineering polymers in several components. The units can help homeowners meet National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) requirements, which were updated in April 2015.

Lanxess presents solutions for E&E applications

By PlasticsToday Staff
Published: June 8th, 2015

A conference dedicated to "Plastics in E&E Applications" will open in Würzburg June 10 where engineering resin supplier Lanxess will introduce its solutions including some applicable to auto electronics applications. The event is organized by SKZ, one of Europe's largest accredited and certified institutes for quality assurance monitoring.

Rapid acquisition accelerates Swedish conglomerate's recycling business

By Stephen Moore
Published: June 3rd, 2015

The recent acquisition of Swedish granulator supplier Rapid by Swedish investment firm Lifco may outwardly look like a mere acquisition of a profitable private-owned company but in fact there is to it than meets the eye. 

Lifco is a public listed company with turnover exceeding EUR1 billion. It owns more than 100 companies that are leaders in their field, with its dental business accounting for around half of turnover.

Chinaplas 2015: Haitian shifts focus to all-electric, two-platen machines

By Stephen Moore
Published: May 25th, 2015

Giant Chinese injection molding machine builder Haitian International has unveiled a clear strategy to migrate small machines to the electric format while focusing on two-platen hydraulic machines for larger unit. This is reflected not only in its establishment of new production capacity for such machines, but also by new machines introduced at Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

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