BASF acquires two manufacturers of 3D-printing materials

BASF New Business GmbH (BNB; Ludwigshafen, Germany) has acquired German and French companies involved with the manufacture of 3D-printing materials in the latest effort to enhance its presence in the fast-growing field of 3D printing.


The latest BASF 3D-printing acquisition sees it secure a presence in the powder bed fusion field.

Advanc3D Materials GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) makes advanced, tailor-made plastic powders and formulations for selective laser sintering (SLS). Setup Performance (Lyon, France) is Advanc3D Materials’ most important partner in the development and manufacture of SLS materials. BNB is integrating both companies into its subsidiary BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH (B3DPS).

“Following our acquisition of [Dutch firm] Innofil3D last year and the consequent strengthening of our market presence in plastic filaments for layer extrusion, we are now in similar fashion expanding our market access in the area of powder bed fusion. The portfolio complements our existing range, being perfectly suited to products such as polyamide 11, polyamide 12 and polypropylene,” said Dr. Dietmar Bender, Vice President Manufacturing & Technology at BNB. In April, B3DPS introduced a new PA 6 material for selective laser sintering that can easily be processed on most SLS machines commonly used in the market today.

Advanc3D Materials is already well established in the market, offering a wide range of products as well as comprehensive market and application expertise. A consistent, finely ground powder, UV stabilizer additions and good free flow are among the elements required to enable the materials to be used in 3D printing.

Setup Performance is Advanc3D’s contract manufacturer and development partner. The company’s product and process development and production site in Lyon is noted for its high efficiency and short development cycles for new products.

“We are looking forward to being part of BASF. This will enable us to expand and further develop new formulations for the industrial additive manufacturing activities of our customers all over the world,” said François Minec, Managing Director of Advanc3D.

“This know-how, the infrastructure and the advanced materials are a perfect complement for us,” said BNB's Bender. Existing and new customers, especially in the automotive and consumer goods industries, can now benefit from the expanded portfolio of B3DPS. “This acquisition is a further step toward our objective to become a leading supplier of powder-based materials and formulations for industrial 3D printing.”

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