Five must-see exhibits at NPE2015: Arburg

The freeformer additive manufacturing system from Arburg (Lossburg, Germany) will make its much anticipated U.S. debut at NPE2015. It has been called the "anti 3D printer" by Doug Smock on The Molding Blog.

"Whereas much of the hoopla from players like 3D Systems is on cheap machines for the "maker" movement," writes Smock, "the freeformer is a full-fledged industrial machine meant to complement injection molding. And that's precisely why the freeformer is so important."

The freeformer enables production of plastic parts without a mold by layering droplets of liquid plastic, resulting in components whose strength is approximately 70 to 80% of conventionally produced injection molded plastic parts, according to Arburg. It also uses standard plastic pellets rather than specialized 3D printing materials, which are sold at inflated prices.

Disruptive technology is an over-used word, but it certainly applies here.

Check out Arburg's freeformer at booth W-3729.

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Arburg freeformer


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