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Nexeo Solutions enters U.S. 3D printing market


Nexeo Solutions (The Woodlands, TX), a global distributor of chemicals and plastics, announced that it has entered the U.S. 3D printing market by offering online access to Arnitel ID and Novamid ID premium filament grades from Royal DSM. Nexeo Solutions represents products from world-class producers to a diverse customer base, going beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries.

Industrial customers and professional makers in the United States can now visit the company’s website to purchase and order samples of high-performance filaments developed for fused filament fabrication open systems. To help customers better understand this technology, Nexeo 3D Solutions specialists will assist them in navigating the various products for their specific needs and applications.

“The United States 3D printing market is ripe with innovation, and companies across multiple industries require a partner to provide a differentiated offering of products and dependable service,” said Shawn Williams, Senior Vice President, Plastics. “We are now able to offer U.S. customers access to high-performing products and technical expertise in selecting the optimum material for important characteristics like temperature resistance, color consistency and dimensional stability.”

Arnitel ID is a highly flexible thermoplastic copolyester used in electronics, sports and other applications, Nexeo explained in its information. The polymer features UV and chemical resistance and achieves elongation at break of up to 400%. Arnitel ID exhibits no buckling, accommodates high print speeds and features layer-to-layer adhesion.

Novamid ID is a ductile, strong polymer suitable for harsh environments and temperatures up to 150o C, offering excellent layer-to-layer adhesion, strength and toughness. “The high crystallinity of the polymer allows designs with overhangs,” said Nexeo.

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