Spanish firm debuts polyamide grades for 3D printing; carbon fiber formulation included

Spain-based MyMat Solutions has launched two new grades of polyamide filaments that reportedly improve mechanical properties in 3D-printed parts.


Carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide grade offers several advantages in 3D printing applications.

Ultra Nylon is a formulation that incorporates carbon fiber. It was developed specifically to reduce warping and curling, as well as improve mechanical strength, high temperature properties and  aesthetics. Target markets that already employ the grade include automotive, drones and industrial. Its formulation introduces.

Wear resistance, flexible, smooth and aesthetics are the key application fields for Soft Nylon. This grade is a white-natural colored material that provides solutions for the industrial market and consumer products with improved mechanical properties.

MyMat Solutions will also shortly release a guide for 3D printing product design that will be available from its website. It will offer advice on correct product design and maximizing printing efficiency using polyamide.

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