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ACH Foam Technologies outpaces industry in EPS recycling

Article-ACH Foam Technologies outpaces industry in EPS recycling

A recently released report, 2008 EPS Recycling Rate Report, compiled by R.W. Beck for the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR), shows an industry-wide increase of total EPS recycling. Total EPS recycling for post-consumer and post-industrial EPS increased from 56.5 million lb in 2006 to 69.4 million lb in 2008, a 22.6% increase in total pounds recycled.

ACH Foam Technologies (Denver, CO) reports a company-wide increase of post-consumer and post-industrial recycling growth by 50% over the past two years. ACH Foam has become more actively involved in assisting other companies with their recycling needs, as reflected by the company’s recycling efforts outpacing that of the industry.

“We have taken a holistic approach to servicing our customers by not only offering our recycling capabilities but also serving as a valuable resource. We provide them with information about how to locate a large-volume recycler when we are not able to accommodate their needs,” said Erich Brandt, Sr. VP sales & marketing. “In addition, ACH Foam also provides training and resources to encourage our customers to set up their own collection process and will connect them with EPS recycling equipment manufacturers.”

ACH Foam Technologies has been working with the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, which has put together a comprehensive sustainable packaging program that provides a step-by-step tool kit containing valuable recycling resources and information for packaging and OEM customers about how to set up their own recycling program is included. The AFPR program has assisted companies such as Ethan Allen, GM, Crate & Barrel, NASA, and NSA by providing them with recycling information and resources.

ACH Foam Technologies’ plants are drop-off facilities for smaller quantities of post-consumer EPS packaging from any clean (non-food contaminated) source. ACH will refer consumers to the proper professional recycling facility when the quantities to be recycled surpass ACH’s capabilities. Those who don’t have access to a drop-off site are using different methods of recycling their EPS packaging, such as the mail-back program. c[email protected]

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