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Additional duct for feeder

By adding a feeding duct, a line of feeders will extend its feeding rate range to 155 ft3/hr. The BSP-135, which replaces the BSP-125, will feature three feeding ducts, and joins the BSP-150 as the latest member of the Bulk Solids Pump volumetric or gravimetric feeders lines. The BSP-135 loss-in-weight feeders can offer a platform scale and three- or one-point suspension weighing. A BSP-150-P is available with a loss-in-weight three-point suspension-weighing configuration.

Opposed to some conventional designs that utilize screws, augers, belts, or vibratory trays to move material, the BSP line features positive displacement for free-flowing of materials, which the manufacturer says increases accuracy. The positive displacement is possible via vertical rotating discs that create feeding ducts for linear mass flow. The units only have one moving part, which eases cleaning, a bonus for shops frequently swapping materials.

The BSP-135 is constructed from aluminum, while the BSP-150-P is made from carbon-reinforced PBT, for strength, durability, and an economical price. The BSP-135 has throughputs from .8 to 155 ft3/hr using four discs, while the BSP 150 (S and P models) range from 1.2 to 318 ft3/hr of material throughput, using five feeding discs in the S type and six in the P type. The BSP-135 and ?150-S use stepper motors, while the 150-P has a DC motor.

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