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Supply Chain

Chroma Color Helps Plastics Processors Overcome Supply-Chain Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

Image: EtiAmmos/Adobe Stock gears representing supply chain
New trade regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic are having an impact on the supply chain and forcing manufacturing companies to develop new sourcing strategies, including switching to regional supply partners in North America and Mexico.

New trade regulations and COVID-19 are having an impact on the supply chain and forcing manufacturing companies to develop new sourcing strategies to avoid disruptions. As a result, many plastics processors are switching to regional supply partners located in North America and Mexico.

For regional reshoring to be a win-win business decision, cost and quality of products must be maintained, explained Chroma Color, adding that many plastics processors are “switching to Chroma Color to achieve” both of these goals. Chroma also attributes the switch to its extensive technical capabilities, geographically diverse manufacturing sites, market-specific expertise, and “relentless pursuit” of cost-effective innovative technologies that bring value to its customers.

Some of Chroma’s innovations over the years include the company’s G2 series colorant technology, introduced in 2008; 10 years later in 2018, G3 became available, offering customers the highest pigment-loaded custom colors in the industry. Chroma claims that pigments from Chroma can provide up to a 30% cost-to-color reduction. In 2019, Chroma Color launched UltraPET based on the G3 series. UltraPET has the highest pigment levels of any existing colorant technology, according to Chroma, adding that this translates into lower coloring costs without jeopardizing process rates of pigment dispersion.

“In addition, Chroma Color has made many capital investments in the past five years in each of our six plants in the United States,” said Bishop Beall, Vice President of Sales & Business Development. “These investments include new equipment purchases, refurbishment of crucial equipment and assets, enhancements to lab capabilities, and a variety of structural upgrades. These investments have a positive impact on our bottom line, giving us more freedom to help control costs for our customers.”

To help reduce supply challenges for its customers during COVID-19, Chroma Color’s experienced procurement team is in constant communication with its raw material suppliers and service providers.

“We are confident that our investments in new technology and highly experienced team members can assist other plastics processors with their reshoring efforts and COVID-related supply-chain challenges,” said Beall. “We encourage producers to reach out to us to discuss their current concentrate and additive package needs.”

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