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Plastic bag recycling available to 93% of Canadians

Recycling of plastic carry-out shopping bags is locally available to 93% of the Canadian population according to a new study prepared for the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA). Canadians can recycle their plastic carry-out shopping bags either through their municipal collection programs or at retail store locations in their communities across Canada.

PlasticsToday Staff

December 12, 2013

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Plastic bag recycling available to 93% of Canadians

Also, more than 60% of Canadian residents can recycle other types of plastic bags and flexible plastic over wraps in their municipal recycling programs, according to the recently released study "Canadian Population Access to Recycling of Plastic Shopping Bags and Other Polyethylene Plastic Film in Canada," prepared by Canadian based company, CM Consulting.

The study identifies around 550 municipalities across Canada that collect the shopping bag. Most of these also accept the broader stream of plastic bags and over wraps: dry-cleaning bags, newspaper bags, bread bags, produce bags, sealable food storage bags, wraps around paper products (napkins, paper towels, diapers, bathroom tissue), and case wrap from bulk beverages and foods.

In addition, a network of around 1,200 retail drop-off locations across Canada collect plastic carry-out shopping bags for recycling, most being at major grocery chains and mass merchandisers. On this basis, it was determined that the majority of Canadians - 83% - live near a store that accepts plastic carry-out shopping bags in their community.

Canadians can find locations to recycle either plastic bags or the broader bag and overwrap stream, by going to: http://www.plastics.ca/Recycling/PlasticBags/index.php.  

Now the big question is - will people start to use those recycling options and help reduce plastic bag waste?

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