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Anchors aweigh: Sales gather steam for custom molder

The plastics processing industry in the U.S. remains under pressure by most accounts, but there's been a definite uptick for many, among them Anchor Plastics. The small custom molder has rebounded hard from last year's drop in sales and is looking to hire.

Carly Sparpana, marketing coordinator at the molder (Golden Valley, MN), told MPW that the company's 56% increase in sales in the first seven months of 2010 over the same period in 2009 can be attributed to a number of factors. "Our uptick is being driven by a combination of mostly established accounts rebounding and offering us new projects, along with a few new customers being added to our portfolio. Industry segments across the board are proving strong, including electronics and agricultural," she explained.

During 2009 Anchor was down 40% on its sales but was still profitable. Steve Rogers, who in Dec. 2007 took over the firm his father founded, says the company learned from the crisis. "In response to taking such a big hit, we became more efficient in how we ran, became re-educated on cash flow and tightened our belts," said Rogers. The company has 12 fulltime employees, and Sparpana says it now is interested in hiring another six. She says Anchor did have one temporary layoff for a month in 2008, but no employees were released for financial reasons. "We're getting busy again and I see us growing at least 25% in 2011," predicted Rogers.

Ronald Rogers, Steve Roger's father, continues as president of Anchor Tool & Plastic Inc., a sister firm he founded in Nogales, Mexico in 1998. [email protected]

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