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William Giovino

William A. Giovino

William A. Giovino is Executive Editor of the popular web portal Microcontroller.com. As an experienced semiconductor marketing leader with over 25 years' experience in the embedded systems industry, he has a broad range of embedded systems experience, including as software and hardware engineer, field applications engineer, marketing manager, and contract vice president of marketing.

Bill's extensive technical and marketing experience in the embedded systems market has made him a successful speaker and lecturer. He is able to communicate effectively to groups on various industry topics. With his openness, insightful questioning, and outrageous sense of humor, he has the unique ability to find practical and effective marketing strategies that match product benefits with real customer needs.

Bill received a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, completed the Marketing Leadership Program at the Western Business School in Toronto, and most recently was trained as a Management Consultant and Leadership Counselor for high-tech and startup companies. His latest program is Building Sales Through Education, which assists companies in promoting their products by teaching customers about their products using brief and entertaining online courses.

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