Epson Robots expands Flexion ‘folding-arm’ robot line

Epson Robots Flexion N6Automation company Epson Robots (Carson, CA) announced today that it is expanding its Flexion N-Series line of “folding-arm” robots with the introduction of the compact, six-axis Flexion N6.

With a unique ability to fold under itself, the robot helps reduce intermediate points and shorten cycle times, said Epson. Suited for vertical load/unload applications, the robot is engineered with tight-space motion capability to help ensure the robot’s arm extremities avoid obstacles. Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration technology optimizes speed, precision, acceleration/deceleration rates and more.

The Flexion N6 has a longer arm (1,000 mm) and can handle higher payloads (6 kg) than the previously released Flexion N2 six-axis robot. Versions with an 850-mm reach and for cleanroom use will be released later this year. The Flexion N2, the first robot to feature the unique folding-arm design, was awarded the Edison Award for Innovation and the Design News Golden Mousetrap award in 2017.

“Thanks to the unique folding-arm technology, our N-Series robots are ideal for a wide range of industries that require extreme precision and dexterity for handling small parts in a very tight environment,” said Gregg Brunnick, Director of Product Management. “By expanding the Flexion N-Series, we are meeting the demanding needs of advanced manufacturing for intelligent, compact solutions.”

Key applications for the Flexion N-Series include micro-sized electronic, automotive, medical and consumer goods parts assembly; managing well plates in laboratories; and pill handling in pharmaceuticals production.

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