Milacron expands Fanuc Roboshot offering to molders in Americas

Milacron (Cincinnati, OH) has announced availability of the Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot SI-20A, a vertically mounted secondary injection unit for Roboshot machines, to molders in the Americas.

Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot SI-20AThe new Fanuc Roboshot SI-20A was designed and developed by Fanuc in Japan. The precision, compact, all-electric vertically mounted secondary injection unit is equipped with Fanuc’s latest HMI control to ensure molding performance, sustainability and ease of use, said Milacron’s information.

The SI-20A is compatible with the Roboshot Alpha and B-Series injection molding machines from 50 to 300 metric tons and offers the same accuracy and repeatability as the latest Alpha Series Roboshot. The SI-20A has a maximum shot capacity of 0.63 oz (18 mm), is exchangeable between different Roboshot tonnages and can be used with previous Roboshot models. Milacron noted that it’s easy to install and is encased in a newly developed space-saving electrical cabinet.

The SI-20A can be operated from the Roboshot operation screen as well as its standalone screen. The rotary table that rotates the mold half can be controlled at the same time by using servo auxiliary axis control. SI-20A can also be linked to Roboshot-Linki, the production and quality data management system for molding factories. It supports the globalization and automation of molding factories.

“Milacron has enjoyed a strong relationship with Fanuc for over 30 years,” said Shawn Reilley, President, Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT).  “Milacron has sold over 5,600 Fanuc machines over that time and we’re very excited to offer the SI-20A secondary unit to our loyal Milacron and Roboshot customers in the Americas.”

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