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M-Line automation system

Muller Technology Launches Versatile Automation System for Injection Molded Packaging

The M-Line system enables processors to adapt to market fluctuations and changing production volumes, and achieve higher machine utilization rates, said Muller Technology Colorado.

Muller Technology Colorado (formerly CBW Automation), a supplier of robots and automation systems for thin-wall packaging based in Fort Collins, CO, announced the launch of the M-Line robot. The integrated robotic and automation system delivers significantly greater flexibility and versatility for the production of injection molded packaging, according to the company.

The M-Line automation system is designed to boost machine flexibility and versatility to help processors adapt to shorter-term business contracts. Image courtesy Muller Technology Colorado.

The M-Line accommodates various mold types and pitches, and single to 48-cavity molds. Most current automation systems are restricted to certain molds and specified cavitation. Processors are adapting to shorter-term business contracts, which can negatively affect overall machine utilization, according to Muller. The M-Line enables processors to more easily accommodate market fluctuations and changing production volumes, and achieve higher machine utilization rates.

“Our newly designed M-Line provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and versatility that significantly raises machine output and efficiency,” said John Taggert, Vice President of engineering for Muller Technology Colorado. He added that the M-Line can facilitate an increase in machine utilization to near 90%, compared with the current standard of sub-80% utilization rates.

Low-cost, highly flexible end-of-arm-tooling can be changed out quickly. The automation system is built on one frame and designed for a small footprint with no assembly required. The M-Line is motorized and has no pneumatics, which dramatically reduces the system’s energy and air consumption. It also accomodates up to one-hour accumulation time on the conveyor, reducing the number of packers needed.

The M-Line, which consists of three models for various injection machine sizes, was developed jointly by Muller Technology Colorado and Switzerland-based sister company Muller Technology Conthey. The global platform will be manufactured in Switzerland and in Colorado. A total of seven units have already been sold in North America.

Muller Technology Colorado specializes in robotic and automation solutions for injection molding and thermoforming applications in the packaging and medical sectors. Both companies specialize in packaging design, mold development, and automation solutions for injection molded thin-wall packaging and have additional expertise in in-mold labeling technology.

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