Star Automation launches member of new XW line of robots at Plast 2015

"The economic recovery finally seems to have started, so this is the time to be bold!" This is the message that Lucio Strappazzon, European Sales Manager at Star Automation (Menomonee Falls, WI), and his team were sending at Plast 2015 in Milan. The flagship product at the company's ample booth was the new XW-1400VI robot, launched at Plast 2015 and the newest member of the XW line to be introduced on the market. The entire series of six new models will be launched on a large scale at the end of this summer. The XW-1400V1, built for injection presses in the range of 250 to 700 tons, is a vertical entry robot that is designed for speed and high acceleration; moreover, speed and acceleration self-adjust to guarantee the best performance based on the ideal molding cycle.

Star AutomationThe robot's strong and stable structure means that the payload has also been increased compared to previous models. The new line is equipped with an "anti-vibration system," which is available as a standard feature on all versions and provides enhanced speed and precision.

Energy consumption has been reduced by using the latest servo-driven motors and by managing vacuum digitally.

The integrated new STEC-520 touch screen controller, available both with operative modes and free programming, can be transferred from one robot to another. The motors and backlit pendant display switch off while not in use.

Star Automation also showcased an IML application that demonstrated the prowess of the S7 IML Flex side-entry system. A thin-walled 1-liter ice cream container weighing 36.5 g with a wraparound label was molded on a 4- to 5-second cycle on a fully electric BMB eKW28Pi press. The Dutch injection mold specialist Brink Automation supplied the two-cavity mold. Approximately 1,800 fully labeled and palletized pieces were produced per hour.

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