Yaskawa Motoman introduces injection molding machine software

Yaskawa Motoman (Miamisburg, OH) has introduced SPI Pendant software, an easy-to-use graphical interface for Motoman robots utilized in the plastic injection molding industry. It allows users to quickly create and modify programs without being versed in Yaskawa Motoman's proprietary INFORM robot programming language.

A setup wizard leads users through a series of configuration options for robots, conveyors, de-gating stations and more. The icon-driven interface allows users to develop program flow without knowing robot programming.

MotomanOperators can interact and control the robot by using an event-driven paradigm and language that is familiar to them. By looking at the robot program as a series of events, the operators are better able to understand and modify it, as needed. It is no longer about how to program a robot; it becomes about how to improve the tending operation.

Programs are created by defining a sequence of easy-to-understand job actions. For actions requiring robot motion, the robot is jogged into position and the location is recorded. Once a list of program actions are complete, the SPI Pendant interface generates a robot program in Yaskawa Motoran's native INFORM language. The program can be started and controlled from the SPI Pendant interface without navigating to other Pendant screens. Its I/O interface uses the standard EuroMap 67 or EuroMap 12 format (optional hardware interface available). Customization is available.

The interface supports multiple robots, external axes, grippers, conveyor/drop locations and de-gating stations. Features include a production data screen, built-in mold warm-up and part-stacking options and three levels of security.

The SPI Pendant interface may be used with select DX200 robots. The DX100 controller is also compatible with a Pendant upgrade to .NET 3.5 compact framework.

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