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Carbon-Negative Polymers Targeted in US-Korean Strategic Partnership

Image: Origin Materials carbon-negative polymers
Origin Materials and Kolon Industries initially will focus on automotive applications based on the former’s technology platform and the latter’s polymerization expertise.

Carbon-negative materials developer Origin Materials Inc., based in Sacramento, CA, and South Korea’s Kolon Industries Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to industrialize novel polymers and drop-in solutions, with an initial focus on automotive applications.

This strategic partnership aims to rapidly develop and industrialize sustainable carbon-negative products based on Origin Materials’ patented technology platform, leveraging Kolon’s polymerization expertise and application development and supply-chain strengths. As part of the partnership, Kolon signed a multi-year capacity reservation agreement to purchase sustainable carbon-negative materials from Origin Materials.

The partnership includes co-development aimed at commercializing polyethylene furanoate (PEF), a polymer with an attractive combination of performance characteristics for packaging and other applications. Notably, the material has enhanced barrier properties when compared with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), degradability, and other qualities. Origin Materials’ technology platform is expected to produce cost-competitive, sustainable, carbon-negative furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), the primary precursor to PEF.

Origin Materials and Kolon believe that Origin’s platform, together with Kolon’s demonstrated expertise in polymer chemistry, manufacturing, and application development, can accelerate the deployment of environmentally sustainable products and create profitable, competitively advantaged business opportunities for both companies.

“Origin is a pioneer and global leader in carbon-negative chemical technology, and Kolon Industries is a world leader in chemicals and polymers,” said Sung Han, Chief Technology Officer of Kolon Group. “Therefore, the collaboration between these two companies will ensure both a carbon-negative and cost-effective sustainable polymer economy, which will further enable the realization of the circular economy.”

“Kolon is a highly innovative company and a world leader in polymer development,” said John Bissell, co-CEO of Origin Materials. “We are thrilled to work together to enable our shared vision for a net zero material economy. This partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to sustainable innovation.”

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