Composite tank is a drop-in replacement for CNG-converted trucks

Sika Advanced Resins will unveil a composite tank for trucks that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) at the JEC World 2019 show in Paris this coming March. Fabricated by France’s Ullit, the carbon fiber filament-wound tank employs a tailor-made epoxy system designed by Sika. The tank, with capacity up to 320 liters, is the same size as a conventional diesel fuel tank, and as such a drop-in replacement for CNG-converted trucks.

Lightweight carbon fiber composite CNG tank is a drop-in replacement for trucks converted from diesel.

"We have been innovating together for more than 10 years. Sika Advanced Resins has developed a specific resin for our new range of high-pressure tanks. This high-performance resin can be adapted to all design constraints, particularly for our very high-pressure hydrogen tanks, up to 700 bar," explains Ullit founder and CEO Claude Hembert.

Sika Advanced Resins has used its expertise to develop a tailor-made resin to withstand the cyclic pressurization loads on the filament-wound tanks. In combination with carbon fiber the resin provides mechanical resistance for different tank shapes including those for vehicles running on natural gas.

"The tank is placed in the same place as a diesel fuel tank and avoids the need for modifications to be made to the truck. In addition, Ullit-Sika composites reduce the weight of the tank by a factor of four, a huge benefit when we estimate that one tonne saved on a truck saves four liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in urban traffic," explains Patrick Noirclerc, Local Expert Composites at Sika Advanced Resins.



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