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Compounder Molds More Flexibility into Material Selection Process

Image: Polykemi Complus concept logo
The Complus concept, developed by Polykemi and subsidiary Rondo Plast, encompasses compounds based on both virgin and recycled resins with similar properties, enabling processors to select the most-appropriate materials for injection molded parts within an assembly.

A new concept in material selection increases flexibility when specifying polymers for a given application and gives engineers and manufacturers a wider window for swapping out materials, when needed, without having to make costly mold adjustments. The Complus concept developed by Polykemi and subsidiary Rondo Plast involves compounds based on both virgin and recycled resins with similar properties, enabling processors to select the most-appropriate materials for various injection molded parts within an assembly.

The Complus concept brings a new level of flexibility to material selection for injection molding, according to Polykemi. The compounds, coming from the same material group, are based on virgin raw materials or high-quality recycled raw materials with similar properties and characteristics. “This means that the customers have multiple choices of plastic compounds to reach optimum solutions, depending on what properties are needed for the different parts,” said the company in the announcement.

Image: Polykemicar door panel

Car door panels are composed of numerous molded parts, each of which must have certain properties. Materials from the Complus concept portfolio are well suited to this type of application.

Car door panels are cited as one example where the concept can bring measurable advantages. The panels are complex assemblies of numerous parts, explained Project Manager Johan Svenmo in a prepared statement. “Each part has an individual demand profile to be fulfilled. Here you can use the materials from the Complus concept for the different parts,” said Svenmo. 

If conditions change during the course of product development, engineers and manufacturers have the opportunity to choose another material from the Complus concept line, without having to modify, change, or produce a new mold, according to the company. “Our new concept gives customers incredible flexibility even far into a project, and the choice of materials can be adapted during the development work without the costs increasing dramatically,” said Svenmo. “This ensures that the customer can reach the project's goals faster and in a safer way.” 

Initially, Polykemi will apply the Complus concept to its polypropylene families, POLYfill and REZYcom. Other product lines, including the PC/ABS POLYblend and PA SCANAMID, will be added to the portfolio at a future date.

A compounder of plastics using virgin resin since 1968, Polykemi is headquartered in Ystad, Sweden. Its subsidiary Rondo Plast has developed and manufactured high-quality recycled plastic materials for more than 40 years. The Polykemi Group can provide global customers with custom plastic compounds based on both new plastic raw materials and recycled materials of the highest quality.

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