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Engineering Plastics Power Singapore-Developed Electric Motorcycle

Article-Engineering Plastics Power Singapore-Developed Electric Motorcycle

Image courtesy of Iso Motorcycles Iso Uno-X electric motorcycle
Key power-train components of the Iso Uno-X motorcycle are made from Asahi Kasei’s modified polyphenylene ether and polyamide 66.

Asahi Kasei's Xyron modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) and Leona polyamide (PA) 66 compounds have been selected by Singapore startup Giken Mobility for key components in the power train of its Iso Uno-X fully electric, lithium-ion-battery-powered motorcycle. The Iso Uno-X was launched in Hong Kong on July 16 this year.

Xyron 443Z mPPE was adopted for the lithium ion battery (LiB) cover while Leona 53G33 PA was selected for the motor cover. Asahi Kasei also provided a CAE design optimization simulation tool for design of the motor cover. Mold filling, warp prediction, and gate optimization analyses were conducted, contributing to accelerated part design and tool fabrication processes.

Image courtesy of Iso Motorcyclesplastic motor cover

The polyamide motor case of the Iso Uno-X had to be waterproof while accommodating coolant pipes running through it.

The Xyron 443Z mPPE grade used in the LiB battery cover features high flame retardance (rated UL V-0), impact resistance, electrolyte resistance, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation. It is also lightweight, with a density of 1.1 g/cm3 compared with 2.7 g/cm3 for aluminum. For its part, the Leona 53G33 PA material is said to feature excellent mechanical properties, low water absorption, and hydrolysis resistance. In particular, the material is calcium-chloride resistant.

The Iso Uno-X is equipped with a vehicle-fixed battery rather than a swappable one. Fixed batteries can be integrated into the motorcycle's chassis for better weight distribution and overall structural rigidity. They can also be custom-shaped to fit the architecture of the motorcycle, allowing for more effective use of space and possibly higher energy density.

Vehicle-fixed batteries can also be more securely integrated into the motorcycle, potentially offering better safety during accidents. Indeed, safety was a top priority at Giken Mobility. “Protective casings for batteries and motors are crucial to maximize safety in every aspect. In this regard, Asahi Kasei's Xyron product line has shown the best result for electrical insulation and fire resistance. Being used in electric mobility, heat resistance is also important, especially when we expect our motorcycles to be used in heavy traffic and subjected to very high temperatures,” commented Giken Mobility.

With regard to Leona PP, Giken Mobility said, “There's a different but equally crucial aspect in our development and testing process. We required our motor case to be waterproof up to a certain level. The biggest challenge here was that our motor unit also had to have liquid cooling with coolant pipes running through the case. Despite these challenges, Asahi Kasei's parts were able to deliver a flawless solution to our requirements.”

The Iso Uno-X features a cutting edge, sporty design and performance to match. Its power unit is an electric motor with a peak power of 11 hp (8.5 kW) that offers swift acceleration of 0 to 50 km/h (0 to 31 mph) in 3.7 seconds. The LiB, meanwhile, delivers a range of 92 km.

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