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EU Companies Collaborate to Bring Next-Gen Composites to E-Mobility Sector

Image: AMAC electric car models
German consultancy AMAC and Holland’s Pontis Engineering will focus on the business development of medium-volume niche applications based on advanced composites.

AMAC, a consultancy specialized in lightweight construction materials in Aachen, Germany, has announced its cooperation with Netherlands-based engineering company Pontis Engineering, effective March 1, 2021. The collaboration focuses on the business development of medium-volume niche applications in e-mobility based on advanced composites. The applications range from lightweight battery housings to electric vehicles for road, industry, water, and air transportation. 

Pontis Engineering is specialized in one-stop-shop engineering solutions for advanced composite niche applications, said the news release. Pontis´s developments include the world's largest rotor blades measuring more than 100 meters (109 yards), a new track bike for the Dutch Olympic team, and solar panels for weather satellites.

Pontis Engineering has the necessary expertise and assets in lightweighting technology to support rapid growth of the e-mobility sector, said Sjef van Breugel, Managing Director, in a prepared statement. “We are ready to bring our 25-plus year track record of cutting-edge technology to the dynamic, innovative, and sustainable e-mobility sector at full speed,” said van Breugel.

“The core competence of Pontis is to develop lightweight electrical passenger cars reducing fuel consumption and bringing down CO2 emissions,” said AMAC Managing Director Dr. Michael Effing. Pontis offers a tailored, cost-efficient approach based on design for manufacturing principles, added Effing.

Global sales of electrical vehicles increased by 39% in 2020, according to research from Canalys. There are about four million units on the market, and that number is expected to grow to more than 25 million electric vehicles by 2030, according to data from AMAC. “The increasing adoption of electric buses is likely to propel the growth of commercial vehicles in this period even more,” said Effing. “This is a huge opportunity for lightweight composites.” 

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