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Flexible TPU Enables Safer, More Reliable Charging of Electric Vehicles

Article-Flexible TPU Enables Safer, More Reliable Charging of Electric Vehicles

Image courtesy of Alamy/Axel Bueckert EV charging cable
The softer grade developed by BASF is more flexible and can withstand damage caused by repeated bending of charging cables.

BASF has launched a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grade optimized for cables of fast-charging piles. The new Elastollan 1180A10WDM grade is softer, more flexible, and easier to handle than conventional materials used for charging cables of fast charging piles. 

“High-powered charging piles are gaining popularity as they improve the consumer experience of charging electric vehicles. However, the large cables of fast-charging piles are rigid and can be easily damaged,” said BASF's Marilyn Lye, Vice President, Business Management Industrial, Performance Materials Asia Pacific. “BASF’s new grade of TPU is more flexible yet possesses excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance, and flame retardancy. It also meets electric vehicle charger cable standards,” added Lye. (GB/T33594 (China), EN50620 (Europe), and IEC62893 (International) standards specify the design, dimensions, and test requirements for electric vehicle cables.)

Consumers are vulnerable to severe injury when handling damaged charging cables. Charging cables can deteriorate due to the rigors of the environment and wear and tear from being bent and dragged during use, and even by being driven over. Using the new high-performance Elastollan 1180A10WDM for fast-charging piles enables safer, more reliable charging of electric vehicles.

Additionally, the existing Elastollan 1185A10FHF for standard charging cables is available now within shorter lead times directly from BASF.

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