Germany’s Kiefel acquires U.S. firm Paragon Molds

Brückner Group USA acquired Paragon Molds Corporation on January 1, 2017 in order to increase the automotive business of its affiliate Kiefel in the US market. With headquarters in Fraser, Michigan Paragon has served many well-known suppliers to the US automotive industry since 1973.

Paragon possesses a 19,000-sq. ft. tool fabrication facility and a 24,000-sq. ft. tryout/part run facility in Fraser, Michigan.

Paragon has 33 employees and develops and manufactures tools for the production of automotive interior components such as door panels, instrument panels and center consoles using a lamination process, as well as tools for foamed and back-foamed components.

“This acquisition expands our North American capabilities and footprint allowing us to better serve our customers,” says Brueckner Group USA's President Steven D. Hoenig. “With the addition of Paragon's locally manufactured tools and support, the Kiefel division of Brueckner Group USA will be able to offer a complete manufacturing solution for the important North American market.”

“In 2016 the [Kiefel] Automotive Technology Center in Livonia, MI, commenced operation. Besides laboratory facilities for laminating and punching there is also a milling robot cell and the equipment for prototype and pre-series products at our customers’ disposal”, says Kiefel’s CEO Thomas J. Halletz. “Paragon, along with the technology center, will raise Kiefel’s operations in the USA to a new level and will significantly increase the market presence.”

David M. Smoger and Daniel V. Smoger, former Owners of Paragon will take on roles of Vice President Operations and Vice President Tooling of the Kiefel Automotive Division of Brueckner Group USA and will be responsible for all Kiefel automotive activities for the NAFTA market.

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