Materials from Primex Design & Fabrication combine light weight and strength in auto applications

Primex Design & Fabrication

Primex Design & Fabrication (PD&F; Richmond, IN) has entered the automotive OEM market with its Bubble-X and Faraprene products for automotive components. Primex is a manufacturer of reusable, returnable and recyclable plastic shipping containers, custom interior dunnage, protective packaging, point of purchase displays and retail packaging.

Bubble-X and Faraprene can be formed for a variety of automotive interior applications such as seat backs, door panels, load floors and trunk liners. “We’ve supported this market for some time,” said PD&F Business Unit Director Doug Borgsdorf, “but we’re now aggressively pursuing new business by demonstrating the value of our products and their advantages over existing materials.”

Primex materials help reduce vehicle weight while providing strength and durability. The durable, lightweight materials can replace wood, fiberglass, metal and solid polymer sheet in automotive interior applications without sacrificing stability, strength and aesthetics. Additionally, Primex prefabricates many shapes and textures—saving suppliers this additional production step—and then laminates various materials to components before shipping.

Bubble-X co-extruded polypropylene bubble board provides exceptional strength-to-weight properties and is available in a range of colors and thicknesses. Primex’s Color, Compounding & Additives division can formulate many characteristics into the product during production, including anti-static, fire-retardant and processing aids.

Primex’s Faraprene TPEs and TPOs are thermoforming materials that provide soft-touch and high-grip surfaces in many vehicle components such as door areas, trunk liners, control knobs and floor mats. Faraprene is available in a full range of hardness levels and can be used in injection and extrusion operations. Primex laminates a wide assortment of materials to Faraprene, saving production time.

The Primex Plastics “One Company” family ensures total supply chain management, from compounding, extrusion and fabrication to distribution and recycling. The John J. Farber Technology and Innovation Center helps develop new products and new product uses that keep automotive suppliers ahead of the competition curve. Primex Color, Compounding & Additives produces masterbatches for Primex’s extrusion lines, providing exact product colors, unique characteristics and additives to meet specific customer needs. PD&F’s onsite design team works with customers to develop the most economical long-term solution, while six warehouse facilities allow for just-in-time delivery to manufacturers.

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