Matsui partners with SA Engineering Technology Collaboration Center

To demonstrate the benefits of RHRC molding

Matsui America Inc. (Hanover Park, IL) announced its partnership with the newly-opened SA Engineering Technology Collaboration Center in Livonia, MI. The Center’s main objective is to provide the local automotive industry with the latest plastics processing technology and to serve as an incubator for developing production technologies.

According to Matsui’s information, it’s factor 4 technology division has been leading the global development of Hot & Cold Molding technologies. This unique process solution creates surface characteristics of injection molded plastic parts commonly not found in conventional molding. The Company’s “factor 4 solution” is based on a sustainable manufacturing philosophy, conserving resources, increasing output and enhancing value in plastic molding factories.

“We believe that we will be enabling designers of interior and exterior automotive parts in creating unique surface effects, molded in colors, Class A surfaces out of the mold and other innovative surface finishes, with our installed Rapid Heat/Rapid Cool (RHRC) Molding equipment,” said Nobu Yamanaka, Technology Director at Matsui America Inc.

“We are pleased to be represented in the new technology center. The collaboration between automotive OEMs, the Tier supply chain and some of the leading technology providers will enhance the possibility in producing innovative automotive plastic parts. For Matsui, it will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of RHRC molding; a technology that has been long applied in electronic consumer goods, but not necessarily in automotive.”

Matsui will have two different type RHRC systems installed at the Technology Center. One system will be based on water as the heating medium. This will enable easy mold trials as existing molds can be utilized with the cooling channels of the mold also serving as the channels circulating the hot water.

The second system is Matsui’s new IHTC Series system, which is based on an induction heating coil as the mold cavity heating medium, explained Matsui. This system is also able to work with exiting molds without required modifications to the tool.

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