NPE 2015: Additive packages help automakers apply recycled materials

Additives supplier Struktol Company of America, has developed what it terms as unique process additives for reclaimed/recycled plastics and for polymer compounds that contain recycled content that it will highlight at NPE 2015 at Booth S27082.

One such product is Struktol RP 11, a lubricant package that reportedly provides an unmatched combination of viscosity reduction and mold release characteristics for recycled polypropylene (PP) resins and compounds. Loading levels as low as 0.2% can result in increased melt flow and allow for significant improvements in mold filling and release. Processors using RP 11 will reportedly benefit from its versatility; allowing greater use of regrind or recycled content material without sacrificing properties or performance. In addition, Struktol RP 06 reportedly provides similar viscosity modification and mold release combined with low odor and volatiles that are ideal in automotive applications. Struktol RP 37 is said to be designed to provide unmatched viscosity modification and lubrication in recycled PP compounds and resins that contain high levels of polyethylene contaminants.

For engineering plastics, Struktol offers two new products that combine a compatibilizer with lubricants to create a combination product that aids in the incorporation of fillers (mineral or glass) with improved mixing and flow properties as well as mold release. These products reportedly result in better processing, improved surface quality, and in some cases, better physical properties.

Among the new products, Struktol TR 229 is for use in both polycarbonate (PC) and PC/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) blends as well as polyamide 6 and 66 compounds. It is also reportedly  ideal for use in recycled applications.

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