NPE2018: The coolest thing we saw on day 1

Sabic (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) noted that it is continuing to expand its materials portfolio for 3D printing, including for large formats, during its press conference on the first day of NPE2018. One example was on display at booth S19001: An aerodynamic roof fairing printed to do validation testing on highways at 65 mph.

Sabic roof fairing

Using an ABS/PC blend from Sabic, the part is aerodynamically optimized using computational fluid dynamics. Integrated duct work reduces stagnation pressure at the front while channel flow reduces drag by bridging the tractor-trailer gap, said Sabic. The design results in a 2 to 4% improvement in fuel economy and the test shows excellent stability at 35 mph crosswinds.

You can see for yourself via the AR experience: Ask for a tablet from one of the Sabic representatives at the booth and you can “watch” the air flow on the tablet as you walk around the part.

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