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PCR ABS a Drop-in Solution for Automotive Applications

Article-PCR ABS a Drop-in Solution for Automotive Applications

Image: Ineos Styrolution car interior
Ineos Styrolution’s Novodur Eco Specialty and High Heat ABS grades reportedly perform on a par with virgin materials. Appliances also are targeted.

Ineos Styrolution has debuted its first Novodur Eco Specialty and High Heat ABS grades derived partially from mechanically recycled post-consumer waste.

The new Novodur Eco Specialty contains up to 70% recycled material while the Novodur Eco HH contains up to 40%. They reportedly offer identical mechanical properties as their virgin equivalents, making them drop-in solutions for application developers.

The new Novodur Eco HH materials are said to offer a balanced property profile, making them sustainable options for automotive applications including center consoles, radiator grills, and mirror housings.

These Novodur grades will be available in standard colors such as pure white, cream, or traffic blue as well as customer-specific colors. An option for self-coloring also will be offered.

Marcela Villegas, Director, Commercial Product Management Specialties EMEA, comments: “We invite automotive and household application developers to explore the new grades. They tick all the boxes: High-quality material for high-quality applications, drop-in solution for easy processing, and contribution to our customers’ sustainability goals.”

Nils Wittenberg, Technical Product Manager, Specialties EMEA, adds: “We are very excited to introduce our first recycled ABS Specialty grades — we have more in the pipeline. Our customers want to reduce their carbon footprint and we are happy to provide solutions that can be used without any change in the process or equipment.”

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