Plante Moran acquires Planning Perspectives Inc. and its proprietary Working Relations Index

supply chainPlante Moran (Southfield, MI), one of the nation’s largest certified public accounting, tax and consulting firms, has acquired Planning Perspectives Inc. (PPI; Birmingham, MI), an authority on company-supplier working relations. The acquisition covers all of PPI’s intellectual property, including the annual North American Automotive OEM-Tier 1 Supplier Working Relations Index Study conducted by Dr. John Henke, which Plante Moran plans to continue.

“We are thrilled to have a firm with the reputation of Planning Perspectives joining Plante Moran,” said Daron Gifford, Partner and Automotive/Mobility Consulting Leader. “Dr. Henke is the recognized expert in buyer-supplier relations and his work and reputation are second to none. That, combined with our portfolio of hundreds of automotive supplier clients, makes this a perfect fit and further solidifies Plante Moran’s position as a leading consultancy with deep and specific expertise in the global automotive and mobility industries.

“With the dramatic and revolutionary changes going on in these industries and with many new companies and suppliers entering and leaving the market, trusting relations between existing and new companies will be critical to achieve success. Adding Henke’s buyer-supplier relations expertise enables Plante Moran to provide a degree of practical, measurable intelligence that no other firm can offer.”

Commenting on the sale, Henke said: “We’ve had an incredibly successful run since launching our proprietary automotive industry research more than 25 years ago, and it is truly gratifying to know that we’ve had a significant impact on improving automakers’ purchasing practices and attitudes toward their suppliers. In fact, several OEMs have told us this.

“But knowing that one day I was going to retire, I began talking to various consulting firms in both Europe and the U.S. about taking over the study. After two years of exploration, I concluded that Plante Moran was best suited to continue our research and maintain its academic-level integrity. In addition, having a major automotive financial and accounting firm presenting the data on the profit impact of good supplier relations to OEMs would only add to the results’ credibility. Plante Moran’s reputation for integrity and working for the good of its clients made it the perfect match.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Plante Moran will take over the annual Working Relations Index study; Henke will remain involved on a consulting basis for one year during the transition. Planning Perspectives and its studies will be merged into Plante Moran’s Strategy and Automotive/Mobility Consulting Practice, headed by Daron Gifford.

Gifford told PlasticsToday that the next Working Relations Study will be released in June 2019. “Currently we are in the process of kicking off this year’s survey,” said Gifford. “Our objective for the supplier relationship survey is to continue to be the global leader in strategic thinking for automotive suppliers.”

The study will be overseen by Dave Andrea, who joined Plante Moran last month as Principal and reports to Gifford.

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