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Sabic Adds PP Compounding Line in Belgium

Article-Sabic Adds PP Compounding Line in Belgium

Image: Sabic Sabic plant in Belgium
The new line is equipped with large-scale extrusion technology to meet growing demand for a reliable and consistent supply of high-performance polypropylene (PP) compounds.

Sabic has started-up its new polypropylene (PP) compounding line in Genk, Belgium, with a virtual inauguration event. The new line is an addition to the company’s existing production capacity for polypropylene compounds at the Genk site and will use raw materials from Sabic’s PP plants at Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and Geleen, Netherlands. It has been equipped with large-scale extrusion technology to meet growing demand for a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality, high-performance PP compounds.

“This investment is part of our business strategy for growth through advanced PP compound solutions designed to help customers develop next-generation lightweight applications in industries such as automotive, home appliances, and consumer goods,” said Lada Kurelec, General Manager for PP & E4P Business, Sabic. [E4P stands for elastomers, PVC, PET, polystyrene, and polyurethane.] “The added capacity also enhances our on-site production flexibility for introducing innovative new PP polymer technology without compromising the security of supply of established compound products,” said Kurelec.

Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, Executive Vice President for Petrochemicals, presided over the virtual opening. During the ceremony, he and other Sabic executives shared insights on how customers can benefit from the company’s extended capacity to drive innovation in their markets. “We all are seeing industries evolve rapidly, with an increasing demand for high-performance PP compounds that are lighter, yet strong and durable, while meeting rigorous standards,” said Al-Fageeh. “At Sabic, we are playing our part by relentlessly pursuing cutting-edge technologies, both in production and new material development. This new production line will support our company’s strategy to develop new sustainable material solutions that help our customers achieve their goals, as we work with them in ever-closer collaboration.”

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