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Solvay launches highly heat stabilized polyamide to raise performance of turbocharger systems

Article-Solvay launches highly heat stabilized polyamide to raise performance of turbocharger systems

Solvay launches highly heat stabilized polyamide to raise performance of turbocharger systems
Outstanding resistance to aging at 200°C with high flowability, enhanced surface aspect and excellent weldability.

Solvay Performance Polyamides has launched Technyl Red S, a highly heat stabilized polyamide designed especially for automotive applications operating at a continuous temperature of 200°C. It is reportedly an ideal solution for turbo engine air ducts and coolers as well as cylinder head covers.

Technyl Red S offers superior strength after aging.
Charge air coolers are engine parts that benefit most from the performance attributes of Technyl Red S.

“This brand new ‘S’ material further strengthens the proven technology developed for Technyl HP which has equipped over 40 million vehicles made during the last seven years,” says Didier Chomier, Automotive Global Marketing Manager for Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Global Business Unit. “Technyl Red S provides automotive industry applications with enhanced thermal ageing stability without compromising performance or competitiveness.”

Technyl Red S can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 210°C (over a duration of 1,000 hours) or 200°C (over a duration of 2,000 hours). With its “new and innovative formulation,” Technyl Red S further improves strong impact and resistance to acid condensates, while offering high flowability, superior surface aspect and excellent weldability

“The material is currently being authorized at major automotive Tiers 1. Technyl Red S is directly resulting from long-lasting intimacy with leading players in thermal management systems, ͟” Chomier adds. “We have also extended our Application Performance Testing (APT) centers to conduct testing in turbocharged environments, providing our customers with full part performance validation under their own operating conditions.”

Solvay has also introduced a 55 percent carbon fiber and glass fiber hybrid reinforced grade of polyarylamide (PARA) dubbed Ixef 3012. The new material has been developed to provide extremely high strength and stiffness at lower density as well as an exceptional surface finish.

“Ixef 3012 PARA is targeted at long and thin light-weighting components that require no painting and are capable of meeting demanding mechanical functions in automotive, aerospace as well as consumer applications,” said Thomas Kohnert, Global Product Manager Ixef/Kalix/Omnix high-performance polyamides for Solvay’s Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit. “The carbon fiber and glass fiber hybrid loading provides outstanding flexural modulus and opens a wide potential for weight-saving metal replacement and system integration, while its high flowability enables cost-efficient injection molding of delicate parts with long flow paths.”

In addition to high stiffness and impact strength, Ixef 3012 PARA exhibits excellent creep resistance and is electrically conductive. Its property profile has an ideal market fit in intricate applications from automotive air vent lamellas and throttle body levers to drone components, action camera fixation parts and cantilever snaps. Ixef 3012 PARA complements Solvay’s existing 30 percent carbon fiber reinforced Ixef 3008 PARA and is commercially available, worldwide, in black.

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