SPE Doubles Down on Virtual Events with Upcoming Plastics in Aerospace Conference

With much of the planet sheltering in place and diligently practicing social distancing, organizers have had to cancel numerous industry events or reschedule them for later in the year. There is a third option — holding events virtually — that some organizations, notably the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), have embraced. SPE has just wrapped up the virtual iteration of ANTEC 2020, and the results were sufficiently encouraging to do it again, this time with an event focusing on the use of plastics in the aerospace industry.

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The one and one-half day Plastics in Aerospace: The Virtual Edition is scheduled for May 18 and 19, 2020. Plastics performance, material innovations, supply-chain challenges, and solutions, and how plastics usage is growing in aerospace, will be among the topics addressed, according to SPE.

“Our confirmed speakers so far are at a very high level,” said event co-chairs Dr. Jason Lyons, SPE Vice President/Divisions, and Dr. Scott Eastman, SPE Vice President/Sections, who are guiding the speaker selection process. “They are thought leaders in aerospace development and will be sharing their expertise in a range of areas where plastics play a dominant role in this ever-expanding field,” said Lyons. “We’re also excited that the agenda will include networking time as well as a virtual cocktail hour, providing opportunities for attendees to interact with their peers as well as leaders in the aerospace and plastics industries without the expense of travel or compromising COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.”

Confirmed speakers are as follows:

  • Christopher H. Childers, PhD, Technical Lead Engineer — Thermoplastic Composite Material, Boeing Research and Technology
  • Rocky Viggiano, Research Assistant, Aerospace Polymeric Materials, NASA
  • Arnt Offringa, Director — Global Tech Center, GKN Fokker
  • David Leach, Director — Business Development, ATC
  • Robert Cook, PhD, ICME Business Development Manager, Hexagon MI & MSC Software
  • Vivek Saxena, PhD, founder and Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC
  • Hermant Bheda, Chairman and co-founder, Arevo
  • Lawrence Varholak, VP — Additive Manufacturing, Hexcel

More speakers will be announced in the coming days.

To register to attend, go to the SPE website.

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