Testing lab receives prestigious Cogswell industrial security award

Independent testing organization Retlif Testing Laboratories (Ronkonkoma, NY) announced that it has received the prestigious Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement award from the Defense Security Service (DSS). 

The Cogswell award recognizes industrial security excellence and outstanding achievement in matters related exclusively to a facility’s security program. Established in 1966, it honors the late Air Force Colonel James S. Cogswell, the first Chief of Industrial Security within the Department of Defense.

Retliff Labs receives Cogswell award
Pictured from left to right during Retlif Testing Laboratories’ presentation of its Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award by the Defense Security Service (DSS) are: Gus Green, Director of Industrial Security Field Operations, DSS; Dan Payne, Director, DSS; Donald Dwyer, Assistant Facility Security Officer, Retlif Testing Laboratories; William Hayes, Facility Security Officer and Executive Vice President, Retlif Testing Laboratories; Cheryl Matthew, Northern Regional Director, DSS; and Mike Halter, Deputy Director Industrial Security Field Operations, DSS.

Retlif Executive Vice President and Facility Security Officer William K. Hayes commented, “Retlif prepares for DSS assessments by continually maintaining an active readiness posture where security is an integral part of every employee’s job. We have a security education program in place, and we regularly apply DSS training and resources to solve situations at our facility in an efficient manner. Considering there are over 13,000 defense contractors, we are very proud to be selected for the award,” said Hayes. It’s the second time in five years that Retliff has received the award.

Retliff provides testing and engineering services related to electro-magnetic compliance and interference, composites and environmental conditions for a number of industries, including the aerospace, mobility, medical device, military and homeland security sectors. It routinely tests carbon- and glass-fiber-reinforced polymers, aramids and non-reinforced plastics. In addition to its New York headquarters, the company has locations in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. Retlif recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

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