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From Japan’s Unitika, injection molding grades U-polymer PS-7020 and XecoT XD367A40 feature high heat resistance and dimensional stability

Stephen Moore

January 15, 2018

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Aromatic polyamide resin grades developed for onboard sensing camera housings/lens barrels

Japanese engineering plastics supplier Unitika has unveiled a new polyphthalamide (PPA) resin grade specifically targeting onboard sensing camera housings and lens barrels. The grade features high dimensional stability and low dust generation. The company already has an extensive track record for supplying grades used in high resolution mobile cameras and it has leveraged its expertise in this field to develop the grade for demanding automobile applications.

Unitika has developed PPA resin grades for exterior and interior vehicle sensing cameras. This particular design uses a total of 11 camera (eight exterior and three interior).

The concentricity of both PPA grades is superior to Unitika’s existing dimensionally stable polyamide (PA) grade (A9030GD55), PPS, and MXD6 PA (a PA produced from m-xylenediamine (MXDA) monomer).

Today’s latest autos already employ view cameras for rear view and drive recorder applications, for example, and PPA resin is already used here, but the higher performance sensing cameras are pushing the performance requirements of housing plastics even further, hence development of the new grade. In addition to the traditional requirements of low moisture absorption, high strength, and chemical resistance, a high degree of dimensional stability is also required of these hybrid type view cameras that also incorporate sensing functions. Unitika is also anticipating that the number of cameras used per vehicle will rise significantly in the future, and the market will thus call for cost reductions and more efficient production processes. This is the backdrop behind development of the new grade.

U-polymer PS-7020 is for use in cabin interiors features a glass transition temperature of 160°C, low moisture absorption, low dimensional variation even at elevated temperature and extremely low anisotropy. High heat resistance grade XecoT XD367A40, meanwhile, is for exterior-mounted surround view cameras and besides low moisture absorption and dimensional stability, it also boasts extreme chemical resistance for a thermoplastic resin. Both resins will be on show at the upcoming Chinaplas Show in Shanghai being held April 24–27.

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