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June 20, 2016

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Korean firm delivers antioxidant solutions to the automotive industry

South Korean stabilizer manufacturer Songwon recently launched its latest antioxidant innovation for the automotive industry. The new Songxtend 2124 stabilizer solution was specifically developed to meet the stringent demands of the automotive industry where weight and cost reduction are dominant factors.

Songxtend 2124 stabilizer improves the long-term thermal stability (LTTS) of the short- and long-glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP) used in interior applications for molded parts, and can match the LTTS performance of 1000 hours and beyond at 150°C. The new stabilizer contributes to making it possible for molded parts to be thinner and lighter while still having similar mechanical properties compared to unfilled parts according to Songwon..

Commenting on the new product, Thomas Schmutz, Leader Global Technical Service & Application Development said: “Songxtend 2124 demonstrates our drive to support the automotive industry. With this new addition, Songwon now offers a full range of stabilizers for un-filled, talc and glass-filled PP. Providing a cost-efficient alternative to the existing solutions available, Songxtend 2124 has already enabled one of Songwon’s global customers to reduce costs in its glass fiber reinforced PP application while exceeding 1000h at 150° C, long-term thermal stability.”

Songxtend 2124 is the latest in a series of antioxidants developed by Songwon for the automobile sector. The company is also promoting a series of new stabilizers debuted in 2013 and also for use in the automotive industry. Songxtend 2121, for example, contains 60% less sulfur while still maintaining high thermal stability, meeting or exceeding current targets provided by state of the art stabilization packages.

Furthermore, Songxtend 2122 offers an optimized cost/performance balance while having 30% less sulfur content as well as maintaining the thermal stability levels of Songxtend 2121. Songxtend 2123 stabilizer is 100% sulfur-free to reduce possible odor distraction in car interiors to the absolute minimum combined with a heat stability performance that meets the targets of car manufacturers.

In addition, Songxtend 1101 and Songxtend 1102 general purpose antioxidant stabilization packages reportedly allow polypropylene producers and processors to maintain high temperature manufacturing while safeguarding the desired properties of the polymer. At the same time Songxtend stabilizers will assist in avoiding degradation and discoloration under severe processing conditions. Stability is assured from reactor to extruder where high heat and shear are often encountered. The stabilization package continues to be effective during conversion and end-use applications. As such, molders and converters can maintain efficient processing speeds and elevated temperatures.

Songwon also recently launched Songxtend 1301 stabilizer for XPS containing new polymeric flame retardants. Songxtend 1301 stabilizer is specially designed to protect new polymeric flame retardants (pFR) in XPS applications. As a second generation stabilizer for this market, Songwon says it maintains better molecular weight and color of XPS containing pFR. In addition, the Songxtend 1301 stabilizer offers a broader processing window compared to the current state-of-the-art stabilizers on the market.

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