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May 10, 2016

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KraussMaffei claims fastest two-platen injection machine in Asia

KraussMaffei premiered a locally-manufactured injection molding machine known as the GX series at the recent Chinaplas show in Shanghai. According to the machine builder, it is the fastest two-platen injection molding machine produced in Asia.

The GX series is manufactured by KraussMaffei in Haiyan, China in accordance with worldwide quality standards.

GX high-speed machines for thin-walled transport packaging: At Chinaplas, the GX 450-3000 molded loading crates for aquafood.

The GX series’ dry cycle time clocks in at 2.3 seconds. It is available in clamping forces of 4,000 to 9,000 kN and targets applications in the automotive, packaging and medical technology growth sectors.

KraussMaffei already builds MX series machines in Haiyan, China with clamping forces ranging from 4,000 to 32,000 kN. More than 100 locally-produced machines have been delivered since 2013.

For Christian Blatt, CEO of the KraussMaffei Group in China, local manufacturing is an important prerequisite to be able to offer its customers even more attractive delivery times. "We want to better serve our customers in their partner network, since both mold makers in China as well as end customers of plastics processors are operating on increasingly tight schedules."

Important features of the GX series include the compact two-platen design, which allows for fast clamping movements and the modularity that can be used to select the necessary plasticizing unit as though it were being selected from an assembly kit. Furthermore, the innovations of the GearX locking device and the stable GuideX guide shoe ensure fast locking and high part quality with minimal energy consumption. "Plastics processors in Asia are becoming increasingly conscious of quality and actively requiring high-tech features for increasing efficiency and user-friendliness. We are offering our customers customized premium solutions with the GX series, which provides precision, speed, modular design, user-friendliness and durability," says Blatt.

These features make the GX series suitable for both high-volume projects with aggressive cycle times and technically sophisticated applications, such as those in lightweight automotive construction. The GX series, for example, can be combined with the FiberForm technology by back-injecting fiber-reinforced composites impregnated with thermoplastics, or with the MuCell/CellForm physical foaming procedure. In the packaging industry, larger objects such as transport crates, buckets, and even disposable products such as end caps for shampoo bottles, can be produced on the machine using multi-cavity molds. The medical technology sector benefits from the cleanroom compatibility of the GX series.

At the KraussMaffei stand at Chinaplas, a GX 450-3000 demonstrated production of transport crates for food products and thereby emphasized the performance capacity for high-speed, thin-wall logistics containers. The GX 450-3000 molded crates for the transport of seafood with a shot weight of 240 g in a cycle time of approximately 11 seconds.

“The Italian mold maker placed special requirements on the injection molding machine, specifically for thin-walled packaging. This is where the GX series can display its strengths as the fastest two-platen machine. This enables short cycle times, thanks to the best machine dynamics and the shortest dry cycle times. In addition, wear-resistant screws ensure a consistently high level of plasticizing performance," Blatt adds.

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