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July 17, 2016

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Toray takes delivery of Kautex 3D blowmolding machine

Japan’s Toray Industries has taken delivery of a KBS20 type extrusion blowmolding machine from Germany’s Kautex Maschinenbau for research and development purposes. The resin supplier intends to use the equipment to develop heat-resistant automotive air ducts for turbocharger applications molded from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) using the suction blowmolding process.

3D suction blowmolded air ducts are molded from heat-resistant PPS resin.

Jürgen Moitzheim, Sales Director at Kautex Maschinenbau, is looking forward to working with the Japanese engineeing resin manufacturer. "The latest developments in [internal] combustion engines are once again creating challenges for automotive industry suppliers. This is especially true for the interplay between materials and engine technology. For this reason we like to work very closely together with our customers on the development of new solutions." This also convinced Toshiteru Nishijama, Manager for Automotive Products Business, Resins Global Marketing Department at Toray: "We were looking for a provider who not only produces good machines, offers high process reliability and good service, but who will also support us with their know-how in the R&D field. It became clear quite quickly that we would use a Kautex suction blowmolding machine."

A current development trend in the automotive industry is the downsizing of car engines while at the same time increasing performance. In order to achieve this, turbochargers are installed that require highly heat-resistant ducts. Toray has achieved very good results here with PPS. This plastic distinguishes itself with especially high and durable heat resistance up to 220 degrees C. Kautex machines have been able to process this material without problems for many years.

Since 1999, it has been possible to produce 3D molded parts on Kautex KBS machines which have numerous applications for pipes and tubes in the car industry. They are used as fuel filling pipes, intake air ducts and cooling air ducts in modern internal combustion engines. 3D blowmolding is an especially low-waste production method. In contrast to the conventional method, the parisons are molded into functional components without welds.

Further advantages arise in the manufacture of 3D ducts when using the suction blowmolding method. Here, the parison is drawn into the elongated cavity of a blow mold before the actual blowmolding of the part. This allows the use of significantly simpler and consequently cheaper blowmolding tools.

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