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Automotive silicones, no postcure required

New product announcements have been issued for the second month in a row at Shin-Etsu Silicones (Akron, OH). The most recent additions expand the range of the company?s Automotive LIMS (liquid injection molding system) silicones for advanced automotive applications.

Says Eric Bishop, North America marketing manager for Shin-Etsu, ?All of these products eliminate the need for costly postcuring by delivering low compression set right out of the mold. Additionally, the product family features a combination of characteristics aimed at meeting our goal of offering designers a portfolio of LIMS products that will meet all of their automotive needs.?

Being able to deliver low compression set as-molded (less than 25%) eliminates the time and energy for postcure operations, saving customers money without sacrificing performance, company sources note.

Other features that Bishop mentions include high elongation, heat stability, oil resistance, and strength over a wide range of durometers. The new automotive materials are said to be ideal for gaskets, electrical connector seals, wire seals, headlamp O-rings, and grommets. Specific grades include the following:

? KE2014 (20-60 Shore A) is a self-lubricating grade designed to improve environmental sealing and reduce insertion force for electrical connector seals.
? KE2015 (30-70 Shore A) features outstanding heat and oil resistance as well as low compression-set properties for engine gaskets and seals that will be exposed to high temperatures and/or oil. It may also be used for living hinges that can experience high temperatures during warehouse storage.
? KE2017 (10-60 Shore A) self-lubricating grade also features low 200-ppm concentration of siloxanes, which can cause contact failure in electrical components. This eliminates the need for postcuring to reduce the volatile content in molded products.
? KE2018 (30-60 Shore A), in addition to the features of KE2017, offers selective adhesion to various engineering thermoplastics such as PC, PBT, and PPO without sticking to metal tooling to eliminate the need for expensive release coatings and mold releases.?MM

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America
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